Water Works: Water Ecology and Environmental Writing

Water Works is an interdisciplinary course in Hackley Upper School, in Tarrytown, NY. Biology teacher Tessa Johnson, and Modern Language teacher Anne Gatschet are joined by six students in grades 9 through 12, to learn about the world water crisis, better understand sustainability with regard to our most precious resource, and become better ecological thinkers, writers, and activists. To read student writing, please click on the “Student Writing” tab above! Please, feel free to engage these budding environmentalists by posting comments! 

Our class works in the science lab, the computer lab, and on site at our local waterways.  We test water quality and consider the infrastructure of our school campus as it relates to the two, main problems in the world water crisis:  water quality and fresh water scarcity. As we study approaches to environmental writing, we use the book “Water Matters” edited by Tara Lohan. Thanks for your interest in Hackley’s Water Works class.

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